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Nothing is more important to our planet’s prosperity than natural resources. By 2035, the world is expected to be home to nine billion people - over two billion more than today. All of them will require water, energy and raw materials. Even today, it is clear that unless we can become significantly more resource-efficient, we will not be able to close the gap between rich and poor, or sustain our current standard of living. ALBA is committed to the environment and to future generations. That is why we support the waste hierarchy comprising the three R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle.

First and foremost comes avoiding waste: What is not left over does not have to be reprocessed or, worse, destroyed by incineration. Because incineration means the irretrievable loss of valuable recyclable materials. Avoiding waste is therefore always the best way to conserve resources and protect the environment.


Many more products can be reused or repaired to give them a second or third lease of life. Whether it is clothing, electrical appliances or furniture, what one person no longer wants may be useful to someone else.


Only when those first two options are exhausted do we turn to recycling. Many waste materials can be processed to obtain a new resource that can then be made into the same product or something wholly different. The important point is that material is not irretrievably destroyed, but stays in the loop.

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This section provides a full overview of our activities in Asia as one of the world’s leading providers of recycling and environmental services and suppliers of raw materials. Contact us if you have any questions.
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We build up circular economies in Asia through the implementation of scalable and holistic recycling solutions.

Pioneering the recycling industry

ALBA is committed to the environment and to future generations.