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Superbly trained personnel and robust infrastructure paired with the latest waste management systems and technology form the basis for our operational success. All our employees are specialists in the field of hazardous waste, from our drivers to our customer advisers. For collection we deploy special vehicles which are equipped with containers for hazardous waste in a range of different sizes. This allows professional and safe transportation of waste such as old paint, paint/varnish sludge or contaminated soil from A to B. As professionals for hazardous waste, we also have access to storage depots, where we store hazardous waste in special containers in a supervised and controlled environment before it is sent for final disposal.

Our work

Hazardous waste can be found in every sector and for every waste-related situation, at ALBA, we have the corresponding solution. We create customized waste management solutions, advising you on the optimization of your internal waste management processes and providing options for the prevention of waste. As a long-standing partner to industry, trading businesses, retailers and public administration, we are able to classify, transport, store and dispose of hazardous waste materials. With ALBA, you receive legally compliant services that satisfy the highest environmental and packaging standards. This also applies to disaster scenarios where our specialists can effectively handle hazardous waste of all dangerous goods classifications on a professional, ad-hoc basis.

As specialists for hazardous waste, we guarantee
  • Hazardous waste management services tailored for your company, in accordance with legal obligations and regulations, and compliance with the highest environmental standards
  • Usage of the latest waste management technologies and special container systems for all Hazardous waste types
  • Professional logistics facilitated by our in-house vehicle fleet
  • Safety without compromise at every stage of the process for our employees, customers and the environment

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We build up circular economies in Asia through the implementation of scalable and holistic recycling solutions.

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ALBA is committed to the environment and to future generations.