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Plastics are a part of our modern world; they are very convenient and we use them for a wide variety of things in our lives but especially for food packaging. The impact of waste plastics on the environment has, however, become a global concern as these are flooding our lands and oceans and causing a threat to both marine and human health; throwing away these plastics is also a waste of valuable resources. Worldwide, governments are rethinking packaging systems, and pushing for environmentally sustainable packaging regulations. One of the strategies include the use of recycled materials in new packaging thus helping to reduce the rate of consumption of fossil fuels. This is why used plastics are becoming increasingly important as an alternative for a resource-efficient source of materials.

Our work

At ALBA, we collect the waste plastics, which undergoes proper segregation, treatment and refining, thus giving it a new lease of life by producing a high-quality raw material. Thanks to the latest processing technology, our recycled plastics are of consistent quality and can be produced according to the customer’s specifications.

The processing methods we use vary according to the input material. Plastic packaging made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) are processed into type-specific recyclates or pellets for the production of new plastic products, while polyethylene terephthalate (PET), normally used for bottle production, is turned into flakes for remanufacturing. Thanks to modern techniques, it is now possible to produce recyclates to suit a customer's specific needs in terms of quality and properties like colour, resistance to temparature, viscosity, etc. All of which makes this recycling raw material attractive for use in many industrial products and consumer goods.

An overview of our services
  • The use of the most innovative sorting and processing technologies for plastics recycling
  • Compliance with the highest environmental standards
  • Recycled plastics which are manufactured configured precisely to the customers’ requirements
  • Tested and reproducible material quality
  • Competent technical support for the plastics processing
  • Security of planning in terms of both volume and price
  • Professional consultations and advice
  • An effective contribution to conserving resources and improving the environmental and climate balance

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We build up circular economies in Asia through the implementation of scalable and holistic recycling solutions.

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