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Green fuel, as a substitute fuel for fossil fuels, like coal, can be widely used in power plants and cement factories. It is much more effective in reducing consumption of precious natural resources, carbon emissions, and the elimination of dioxin contamination risk. Thus, an immaculate and green solution for municipal household waste is established.

Green Fuel Technology can also be miniaturized, with the advantages of satellite distribution - long distance transport - centralized treatment mode, which is especially suitable for the region with small scale waste amount but vast area. With a large number of small-scale MBT (Mechanical Biological Treatment) facilities, the existing power plants, cement plants, incineration plants and other facilities can fully participate in the waste energetic utilization. No repeated investment is required, hence avoiding the “not in my backyard” effect and saving land resources.

ALBA’s innovative and adaptive solutions are not only recognized by Asian-German authorities and industrial enterprises, but also actively promoted by governments in Asia. Green Fuel Technology has paved a new way for Asia to solve the Household Waste problem, making a clean and sustainable future possible.

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ALBA has developed the third-generation municipal household waste treatment technology, known as “Green Fuel Technology”, which goes beyond landfill and direct incineration. With this technology, all the recyclables from the municipal household waste are mechanically sorted and recovered for recycling. Through Mechanical-Biological Treatment (MBT), the rest of the fraction from the municipal household waste is biologically stabilized and dried, and with the hazardous substances removed to produce a type of clean fuel with a high calorific value (3,000-4,500 kcal/kg), also known as “Green Fuel”. Research has shown that this technology can maximize the total recycling rate of municipal household waste by up to 98%.

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