ALBA TRIDI Indonesia partnership portfolio made significant headlines in 2022

ALBA TRIDI Indonesia partnership portfolio made significant headlines in 2022

The land handover of ALBA Tridi’s new rPET recycling facility in Kendal, Central Java, marks a starting point for the construction of the new plant. The facility is set to begin operations in 2024 and will be five times larger than the factory in Tangerang, Indonesia. This is a testament to ALBA Tridi’s growth and success in recent years. Read here for the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).

In addition to the expansion of the new factory, ALBA Tridi also made waves in the media with its successful partnership with DBS Bank Foundation. The collaboration resulted in the development of a new prototype product a pallet made from multi layered plastic / low value plastic waste. The product has already garnered attention from consumers and industry experts alike. The team is now working closely with the local P&G team for this pilot project. The innovative pallet will aim to be both durable and environmentally friendly, making it a valuable addition to the company’s product line.

In 2022, ALBA Tridi was granted the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certification for the rPET recycling factory in Tangerang, Indonesia. The GRS certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to using recycled materials in its products and operating its facilities in an environmentally responsible manner. This certification also complements the existing OBP (Ocean Bound Plastics) certificate the company earned.

Pioneering the recycling industry

ALBA is committed to the environment and to future generations.