Welcome Kaifeng Key Project Observation Group to ALBA

Welcome Kaifeng Key Project Observation Group to ALBA

On August 14, 2022, Li Xiangyu, mayor of Kaifeng City, led the city’s key project observation group to visit ALBA in Kaifeng.

Our project is located in Xiangfu District. Zhang Miaomiao, Member of the Xiangfu District Committee and Director of the Office of Xiangfu District Committee, introduced our project’s construction progress and disposal scale to the Observation Group. This was listed as a key provincial construction project of Henan Province. The project construction is proceeding in order and is expected to be completed at the end of this year. When starting operation, Kaifeng Company can process 42 categories of hazardous waste with a capacity of 55,000 t/a. After the completion of the construction, the project can solve the problem of safe disposal of industrial solid waste for companies and adopt new technology to improve the disposal effect. It is beneficial to large-scale intensive management, promotes the construction of a sustainable ecological environment, improves the investment environment of Kaifeng and surrounding areas, and builds a beautiful, comfortable and clean environment for residents, thus improving the comprehensive competitiveness of the city.

Mayor Li fully affirmed the project’s progress and required the Xiangfu District government to fully cooperate with the project construction to ensure it is completed on time.

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