The Expansion Project of ALBA in Lianyungang received the hazardous waste operation license

The Expansion Project of ALBA in Lianyungang received the hazardous waste operation license

The Lianyungang LvRun Metal containing Waste Comprehensive Utilization project is in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. This is the first hazardous waste project of ALBA in China. In 2019, ALBA officially took over the operation and simultaneously started the construction of the Phase II expansion project. The hazardous waste operation license was obtained in January 2022. 150,000 tons of metal containing waste (60,000 tons on a dry basis) can be disposed every year. This project is designed for the treatment and comprehensive utilization of industrial metal containing waste. It provides hazardous waste disposal services for all kinds of enterprises in the Jiangsu province, covering 13 prefectural level cities. It serves a variety of customers, including those in electronics, electroplating, leather and sewage treatment and other industries. At the same time, the project effectively provides a one stop station for government emergency disposal services, on site services etc. Its high-quality services have been unanimously recognized by customers.

The European production management technology adopted is internationally and domestically advanced, with the concept of “reduction, reuse and recycling “integrated into the green design of the production process. The production process has strong metal selectivity, low energy consumption, high recovery efficiency of valuable metals, no high temperature dust hazard, and is environmentally friendly. It basically covers all electroplating sludge wastes and heavy metal containing wastes produced by other industrial processes. There is zero discharge of waste water during the disposal process, and all wastes are recycled, and no new secondary pollutants are generated.

Currently, relying on the LvRun project, the team is actively negotiating cooperation with projects in other cities in the Jiangsu Province. In the future, we will continue to improve ALBA’s comprehensive competitiveness in the hazardous waste sector in Jiangsu and make great contributions to the province.

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