The Expansion Project of ALBA in Haikou (China) received EIA approval

The Expansion Project of ALBA in Haikou (China) received EIA approval

On December 13th, 2021 under the joint efforts of Haikou Municipal Government, Haikou Municipal Environmental Sanitation Bureau and other relevant departments, the ” Expansion Project of Harmless Treatment of Food Waste and Manure in Haikou City ” officially obtained the environmental assessment approval issued by the Hainan Province Ecological Environment.

This project is the main supporting facility for domestic waste classification and regional environmental improvement in Hainan Province. It is also a rectification measure taken by the central environmental protection inspector. In carrying out this project, ALBA will follow the principles of “Improving the Regional Environment, Harmonious Coexistence, and promoting Healthy and Sustainable Development of the region”. Additionally, ALBA will adhere to the concept of “circular economy, green and low-carbon development”, to construct this project benchmark against domestic and abroad first-class standards. The approval of the EIA indicates this expansion project has entered the fast lane of high-speed construction. The current civil construction of the project is in full swing, and the related bidding is also under progress. It is expected to begin trial operation in June 2022. After the completion of the project, the plant of ALBA Hainan will increase its processing capacity of 400T/D restaurant waste + 200 T/D kitchen waste + 400T/D municipal waste.

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