New appointment in Singapore!

New appointment in Singapore!

ALBA W&H has successfully secured the appointment as the Public Waste Collector for the Woodlands-Yishun sector in August. The appointment starts on 1 January 2022 and will last for 7.5 years until July 2029. This sector includes close to 260,000 households with over 820,000 residents.

Between the successful appointment and the start date, ALBA W&H will equip over 100 bin centres in the sector with new equipment and technology, hire and train a crew of 90, set up a second depot and rollout 18,000 bins. There is a lot of work to be done but the team here is fully engaged and ready to meet the challenge!
ALBA W&H has started assembling the fleet of over 50 vehicles that will be deployed for the sector as well as technology like the Refuse Collection Micro (RCM), which is designed to compact all kind of waste, thus creating potential for more payload, making it highly suitable for urban waste collection.

Besides the above, ALBA W&H will also introduce new recycling technology such as Trashbot – an autonomous system that uses robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence to detect and separate refuse from recyclables. As we continue to transform the traditional waste management industry, ALBA W&H seeks to be at the forefront of change and lead the way into a sustainable future.

Pioneering the recycling industry

ALBA is committed to the environment and to future generations.