Launch of the Agents of Change for E-Waste (ACE) Curriculum

Launch of the Agents of Change for E-Waste (ACE) Curriculum

On 18 July, ALBA E-Waste and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cement their partnership in developing environmental education for sustainable resource management (E-Waste). It marks the very first MoU ALBA E-Waste has signed with a local educational institute in Singapore. With the MoU, ALBA E-Waste builds upon its existing efforts in E-Waste education to schools and the public.

To accomplish the MoU’s second objective, ITE and ALBA E-Waste have crafted 5 Micro-Learning Courses (MLCs) on Circular Green Economy. These MLCs aim to build awareness and participation in Singapore’s e-waste recycling ecosystem, providing opportunities for students and the public to learn critical knowledge on electrical and electronics equipment waste management.

At the end of the learning series, the participant will undergo an assessment to be certified in the ALBA E-Waste’s Agents of Change for E-Waste (ACE) program. The ACE program functions as the outreach arm following the participants’ completion of the MLCs. Interested participants can collaborate with ALBA E-Waste to organize events such as outreach talks to engage their stakeholders on the topics of E-Waste, thus forming an active ACE in their community.

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