International E-Waste Day Art Competition & Exhibition 2022

International E-Waste Day Art Competition & Exhibition 2022

From 28 Oct to 4 Nov, ALBA E-Waste organized its annual International E-Waste Day Art Exhibition. The exhibition is an event that ALBA E-Waste has organized, in observance of the International E-Waste Day. The International E-Waste Day was developed to raise awareness of the issue of e waste and to encourage consumers to recycle. Building up to this exhibition, ALBA E-Waste conducted an art competition, inviting students from secondary schools, tertiary schools, and IHLs to submit artworks inspired by three key themes.

These three themes are (a) Extended Producer Responsibility, (b) Impacts of E-Waste, and (c) Zero Waste Nation.

The themes are relevant to the issue of e waste and are designed to encourage students to research and understand the issue on a deeper level as they interpret the themes and express their learnings through art. Over 60 submissions have been received, and 26 were shortlisted for the exhibition.

On 29 Oct, ALBA E-Waste invited judges from CapitaLand, Chye Thiam Maintenance, the National Environment Agency, and Guest of Honour Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment, Dr. Amy Khor for a judging and prize giving ceremony. Artworks belonging to 9 students were selected to be the top, in terms of messaging, creativity, and relevance to the concept.

In conjunction, ALBA E-Waste also organized a competition amongst schools to see which ones could collect the most e waste in the span on one month. Over 1.1 tonne of e waste was collected, and the top 3 schools were rewarded with a behind the scenes tour at a recycling facility. Students and teachers got to witness the recycling process of a refrigerator and learnt more about the type of materials that can be recovered from the process.

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