Henan Provincial Governor Wang Kai visited ALBA in Xuchang

Henan Provincial Governor Wang Kai visited ALBA in Xuchang

On December 5, Wang Kai, the governor of the Henan Province, visited the ALBA Xuchang project to inspect the development of key provincial enterprises and foreign cooperation projects.

In the showroom, Governor Wang learned the history, business units, and projects of ALBA. After watching the welcome video, he warmly invited Chairman Dr. Schweitzer to visit the Henan Province.

Governor Wang then inquired about ALBA’s recycling and material recovery process and listened to the report on the production and operation of the Xuchang project. Currently, the restaurant waste from downtown Xuchang is fully collected and treated daily. This reduces the amount of waste generated while ensuring that the collected waste becomes harmless and an alternative resource for other utilization. Furthermore, an entire chain of restaurant waste supervision has been formed to ensure citizens’ health and safety.

Governor Wang fully affirmed the achievements of the ALBA Xuchang project and praised the solid and rigorous management style of German enterprises. Although the investment of this project is not significant, it has grasped a key point and led the industry with an outstanding innovative concept as well as a mature operation model. ALBA should summarize this experience to form a system and promote it in the province. Governor Wang will support ALBA in expanding its service area from the center of Xuchang city to the whole area. Moreover, ALBA will look to carry out preliminary research on e waste collection and treatment projects, actively participating in developing a zero waste city to enhance the construction of a sustainable environment in Henan Province to a new level.

Pioneering the recycling industry

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