ALBA W&H launches the first european brand next generation fully electric vehicles for waste and recyclables collection in singapore

ALBA W&H launches the first european brand next generation fully electric vehicles for waste and recyclables collection in singapore

ALBA W&H Smart City Pte. Ltd., the NEA-appointed public waste collector for the Jurong sector and Woodlands-Yishun Sector in Singapore, is proud to introduce its state-of-the-art fully electric vehicles for waste collection. As part of its commitment to sustainability and reducing operational emissions, ALBA W&H Smart City Pte. Ltd. will deploy a fleet of 15 fully electric waste and recyclables collection vehicles in the Woodlands-Yishun sector. These vehicles will gradually replace their diesel-dependent counterparts, aligning with the company’s vision of a world without waste and lower carbon emissions, where eco-conscious practices blend with technological innovation.

Singapore, being one of the most densely populated cities in the world, faces the challenge of increasing dependency on a transport industry powered by fossil fuels, which contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure emission-free zones, especially in densely populated areas. These 15 new electric trucks produce zero emissions while on the road and are also relatively quieter, significantly reducing noise pollution during the collection and transport of waste and recyclables.

This initiative aligns with the Energy Reset pillar of the Singapore Green Plan, which aims to have all new car and taxi registrations consist of cleaner energy models by 2030. “Singapore has become my home and I am delighted to witness Singapore becoming a birthplace of a profound transformation towards a world without waste. With the introduction of our fleet of electric vehicles, we are taking a significant leap toward sustainable mobility and are proud to support Singapore in its goal to carbon neutrality. We thank NEA for the support in rolling out these innovative new trucks and look forward to supporting Singapore in further recycling and carbon abatement projects.”, says Dr. Axel Schweitzer, Chairman of ALBA Group Asia and Interzero.

Electrifying refuse and recyclables collection vehicles present a major challenge in the environmental services industry due to the high energy demand caused by refuse compaction and lifting operations, as well as heavy loads of up to 20 tonnes and traveling distances of over 150 km per day. Current diesel trucks consume on average 200 litres of diesel per day, leading to 500 kg of CO2 emissions per truck per day. By electrifying 15 trucks ALBA W&H Smart City Pte Ltd will save up to 2,700 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

ALBA W&H Smart City Pte Ltd has become the first company in Singapore to receive Scania’s Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) CL20N, a next-generation electric truck chassis. Compared to the first generation of electric trucks, the Scania BEV offers a 40% larger battery capacity with optimized energy consumption.

“Thanks to these improvements, the Scania Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) CL20N is expected to be the first electric truck capable of operating on similar route profiles as a diesel chassis, covering a daily distance of up to 150 km on high-energy route profiles on a single battery charge. This sets the stage for zero tailpipe emissions while maintaining the manpower and vehicle productivity of a conventional diesel truck,” explains Jakob Lambsdorff, CEO of ALBA W&H Smart City Pte. Ltd.

In addition to fuel and emission savings, these trucks introduce operational enhancements such as improved maneuverability due to a steerable back axle and a low-entry cabin. These operational improvements are eagerly anticipated by our crews, as the environmental service industry faces challenges related to manpower shortages and an aging workforce.

ALBA W&H Smart City Pte. Ltd. is looking to further reduce the carbon footprint of our electric fleet. For this matter, we are studying the feasibility of operating our charging infrastructure via photovoltaic solar cells on our premises.

About ALBA in Singapore

ALBA secured its first public waste collection contract in 2020 together with local waste management company Wah & Hua Pte Ltd, becoming the public waste collector for the Jurong sector from April 2020, until March 2027. Since January 2022, ALBA also holds the public waste collection contract for the Woodlands-Yishun sector, thus servicing two out of the six sectors currently in Singapore.

In 2021, ALBA was awarded by NEA to become the sole Producer Responsibility Scheme Operator for E-Waste for the entirety of Singapore. To date, the company has deployed over 600 E-bins which can be found in community centres, shopping malls, retail shops, and government buildings.

In the Group Photo, the people present are (From Left to Right):

1. Jakob Lambsdorff, CEO of ALBA W&H Smart City Pte. Ltd.
2. Melissa Tan, CEO of WAH &Hua Pte. Ltd.
3. Dr. Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment & Ministry of Transport
4. Dr. Axel Schweitzer, Chairman of ALBA Group Asia and Interzero

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ALBA is committed to the environment and to future generations.