ALBA treated Emergency Disposal Project successfully

ALBA treated Emergency Disposal Project successfully

The Xingchen New Material Emergency Disposal Project is located in the Ganyu district of Lianyungang City. In 2019, the government found out during a bankruptcy auction of the company that two storage tanks there were still filled with waste sulfuric acid of thousands of tons. After investigation, it was found that the waste acid was stored in tanks around 2013. After years of corrosion, the tank cracked about ten centimeters. There was a risk of leakage at any time. Thus, posing a significant safety hazard, and an urgent need for safe disposal.

ALBA began to receive and treat the waste acid in 2020. Due to the odor during the disposal process, it was suspended after the disposal of more than 300 tons. In June 2021, disposal matters were put on the agenda again. The company put together a new project team to monitor the process of waste acid loading, unloading, transportation, disposal, tank cleaning, etc., and simultaneously carrying out technical upgrades to ensure safe disposal, such as adding FRP storage tanks, activated carbon adsorption devices, and sealing the filter press platform.

In August 2022, witnessed by the court, the Environmental Protection Bureau, the administrator, and other parties, a ceremony was held at the site of the Xingchen New Materials Emergency Disposal project to celebrate the successful completion of the project.

ALBA has received and disposed of more than 7,000 tons of waste sulfuric acid from this project, and the economic benefit has reached five times that of ordinary projects. At the same time, in the environment of concentrated sulfuric acid inflation, waste acid replaced the use of concentrated sulfuric acid, reducing the consumption of concentrated sulfuric acid by more than 5,600 tons in total, saving more than 4 million yuan in raw material costs.

The success of Ganyu Xingchen New Materials Emergency Disposal project has fully established the company in the industry. With increasingly fierce market competition, it has also broadened new ideas for our future operations.

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