ALBA participates in Hunan-ASEAN Expo

ALBA participates in Hunan-ASEAN Expo

In response to the invitation by the Hunan Government, ALBA participated in the first Hunan-ASEAN Investment and Trade Expo on 25th August 2022 in Shaoyang, China. With the theme of “Supporting Zero-Waste City Construction, and working for a world without waste”, ALBA presented our core competencies at the Expo.

Hunan has an important position in the development of central China and the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Working for the goal of “Ecological Province and Beautiful Hunan”, the government makes great efforts to improve environmental infrastructure and develop circular economy. With strong competencies in restaurant waste, plastic recycling, hazardous waste and operation of environmental infrastructures, ALBA is selected as the potential partner for several cooperation projects.

Our engagement responds to the local government’s focus on environmental services and recycling and promotes the communication with related authorities and partners for potential cooperation. At the same time, the Expo collaborated with member countries of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP), which provided opportunities for us to join hands with local partners to explore the ASEAN market.

ALBA’s exhibition calls for public awareness of waste separation and low-carbon actions. This is consistent with our concept of combining environment and education. We are committed to educate next generation about climate protection as our social responsibility.

Pioneering the recycling industry

ALBA is committed to the environment and to future generations.