Lizenzero officially launched the Chinese brand name – 莱证通

Lizenzero officially launched the Chinese brand name – 莱证通

To better serve the Chinese market, Interseroh has officially launched a Chinese brand name “莱证通 / Lai Zheng Tong” for its online shop Lizenzero. Lai Zheng Tong’s slogan is “三步搞定德国包装许可/ License in 3 steps.” This aligns with Lizenzero’s goal to increase its presence in the packaging licensing sector in China.

Lizenzero provides packaging licensing services for customers worldwide and is part of Interseroh, the Cologne-based subsidiary of ALBA. Interseroh is one of the leading environmental services providers for the closure of product, material, and logistics loops. It is also an official German dual system.

At the heart of Lizenzero’s brand philosophy lies our key proposition: Zero Waste Solutions, Environment Protection and a Circular Economy. This is achieved by establishing a closed-loop flow of materials to maximize resource consumption productivity.

The pronunciation of the word “莱Lai” in the Chinese name “莱证通Lai Zheng Tong” is similar to the word “Li” in License. Its original meaning refers to a type of herb plant. By taking its meaning of grass and wood, it reflects our original intention of protecting resources and the environment. As we all know, the Rhine is the father river of Germany, and Lizenzero is located in Cologne, Germany, where the Rhine flows through. Therefore, “莱Lai” represents the origin of the brand. The pronunciation of “证Zheng” is similar to “zen” in Lizenzero, representing the packaging licensing. The word “通Tong” means unhindered and represents Lizenzero’s commitment to providing efficient and convenient services to its customers.

Lizenzero provides German packaging licensing services to customers worldwide to help them comply with the German Packaging Law and sell their products in Germany. More than 25,000 companies serving end consumers in Germany have obtained packaging licenses through Lizenzero and are successfully fulfilling their obligations under the German Packaging Law.

The process of applying for a packaging license through the Lizenzero online shop is straightforward, as our Chinese slogan says: ” License in 3 steps.”

Our Chinese brand name represents our original intention to protect resources and the environment through circular economy. We are constantly innovating and developing to provide our customers with more convenient packaging licensing services. By building a bridge between China and Germany, we hope to help Chinese customers fulfill their obligations under German Packaging Law and conduct business in Germany without any obstacles.

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